Brussels airport terrorist attack


Brussels - Domodedovo is 5 years ago

Brussels - Domodedovo is 5 years ago


As in Belgium, the bombings will affect the "reality Mason?"

Terrorist act in the Brussels Airport "Zaventem" has become one of the largest in the history of civil aviation. 34 200 dead and more injured. Authorities fear new attacks. New terrorist act raises the old question: how to provide security at the airport? It is about this question in the criminal case against the "Domodedovo" owner Dmitry Mason.

March 22 8 am about Brussels 'Zaventem' airport, two explosions. As a result, the airport was partially destroyed: collapsed roof and shattered glass facade. Tens of thousands of passengers were evacuated, hundreds - were waiting for medical care.

The situation is almost 100% coincides with what was happening at the Domodedovo airport in 2011, when a terrorist blew himself up Magomed Yevloyev made in the arrival zone of international airlines. The similarity has reached the point that such media as CCTV, Al-jazira, DailyMail and Euronews video issued terrorist attack in Domodedovo for the event in Brussels.

Brussels airport

The tragic events have once again raised the question of how is it that terrorists freely entered the terminal building. It is in this accused billionaire Dmitry Mason and three top managers of the airport. They face up to 10 years in prison.


Endoscopes as a terrorist act reason

The main opponent of the billionaire is lawyer Igor Trunov. It was he who filed a lawsuit with the ECHR on behalf of the victim E. Krivolutskaya, recognized as a victim in the newly opened criminal case in the 2011 terrorist attack.

The lawyer in his argument often uses the thesis that the attack at the airport was the consequence of the fact that the entrance through which came the terrorist was not equipped endoscopes.

Obviously, the presence or absence of endoscopes in security could not prevent a terrorist attack. As it is known, endoscopes are used for medical examination and treatment of internal hollow organs, as well as abdominal and other body cavities. The aviation security service introscopes apply.

This detail is not only emphasizes the farce "Mason really", but in general characterizes the quality of the prosecution.

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It explicitly states Attorney General's Office. "To charge the top management of the airport there was no reason. In particular, there was no causal link between the actions of management of air harbor and the loss of lives during the terrorist attack in January 2011 year ", - said Deputy Prosecutor General Vladimir Malinovsky in a letter to the head of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin name.

Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation and supports the position that has been presented in the framework of ESPS in the case of E. Krivolutskaya whose interests are represented by Trunov.

"Preventive measures at the entrance to become completely useless if the terrorists have decided to carry out a terrorist act. Example - the terrorist attack in Glasgow International Airport in 2007, when terrorists drove a car carrying canisters of propane in the glass doors of the terminal, with the result that he broke out, "- said Deputy Minister of Justice Giorgi Matyushkin.

He writes that "that the claim should be submitted against those responsible, and not against those who have the means to pay compensation." However, a lawyer Trunov it does not stop.


Where safety begins

The cornerstone in the case - the question of responsibility for citizens' inspection at the entrance to the terminal.

Trunov claims that the criminal actions of terrorists are made possible solely due to improper execution of their duties of aviation security services. "At airports, provided regulatory requirements for point of entry screening of passengers, hand luggage and luggage equipped with X-ray introscope, stationary and hand-held metal detectors, that was not done," - said the lawyer.

However, the published video of the moment of entry of the suicide bomber refutes Trunov's conclusions. The photographs clearly show that the entrance through which Yevloyev entered the airport is equipped with a metal detector and an introscope. The video also shows that the police officer on duty did not pay attention to Yevloyev, as he stood with his back to him and talked to the girl.

In fact, the version of the investigation, which is supported and Trunov, produces the substitution of notions of aviation and transportation security. This speaks directly position of the European branch of the International Association of airports (ACI Europe), published after the attack in Belgium.

“The specificity of aviation security regulation is not aimed at general access zones, but at those airport zones to which passengers with boarding passes have access. These regulations are created to prevent the possibility of illegal entry into aircraft - the main target of terrorists over the past decades, ”- said in a statement.

The International Association of airports explains that common areas in the terminal building, in which can enter any citizen, subject to the general legislation on safety requirements and does not differ from other public places: theaters, shops, museums, subway stations.

This is confirmed in the position of the Russian Federation in the case of E. Krivolutskaya: "no internal RF legislation or applicable international standards is not provided for a mandatory total body searches at the entrances to the airport terminal."

As you know, in accordance with the Air Code of the Russian Federation, which regulates the rules of work in civil aviation, aviation security services include: pre-flight screening of passengers, pre-flight screening of crew members, pre-flight screening of baggage.

The only legitimate reason to introduce continuous inspection at the entrance - the announcement of increased threats to civil aviation. This level of threat was declared 26 of January, two days after the attack. The first duty of airports to inspect the inlet was installed through 19 days after the explosion at Domodedovo.

It is interesting that the ICR itself came to similar conclusions: “The airport has complied with all (mandatory and optional) security measures properly. The absence of violation of safety requirements was officially confirmed by the decisions of the courts of general jurisdiction, as well as by the decision of the RF IC. "


Mason and Brussels

The terrorist attack in Brussels shows that it is impossible to fight terrorism "backdating." Already last night, the European Commission announced that it "intends to propose to introduce control over the entrance to the airport."

mason Orest

Whether this is a panacea - an open question. The European Commission indicate the successful experience of introducing 100% gatekeeping Domodedovo airport after the incident a terrorist attack.

However, there is the experience of Israel and Ben Gurion Airport, where, in spite of the constant threat to no inspection entrance. Israeli approach is that if a terrorist arrived at the airport, then it does not matter there is a frame at the entrance or not. Deadly consequences can not be avoided.

Dmitry Mason will remain in custody at least until April 18. The terrorist attack in Brussels and the response of the world community have questioned the charges against him.

Terror - primarily global threat. A conditional "Mason" can neither resist nor be responsible for resistance to the global network of criminals who attacked not only the airport but also civilization itself.

System response to their actions is important. Hopefully, it was after Domodedovo at Russian airports that we managed to do it. 

Ivan BERESNEV specifically for

"I would like to hope that it was after Domodedovo that we managed to do this at Russian airports."
I hope this is of course that's no horosho.Tolko a systemic response in no airports.



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