Ukrainian fleet


"There will be many losses": the Ukrainian Navy command announced a military campaign in Crimea

Commander of the combat fleet, Rear Admiral Alexei Neizhpapa announced a military campaign in the Crimea.

The command of the Ukrainian Navy announced that it plans to begin a military campaign in the Crimea in order to free the peninsula from Russia, promising "a lot of losses" during such a clash. In fact, we are talking about a direct threat to the sovereignty of Russia, however, analysts believe that this is just another provocation, since the last decisive trip to the Crimean bridge ended in the loss of three warships for Ukraine.

“The naval forces of Ukraine (Navy) are preparing for full-scale military operations with Russia. This was announced by Rear Fleet Commander Rear Admiral Aleksey Neizhpapa in an interview with the Dumskaya newspaper. According to the commander in chief, Ukraine intends to “return” Crimea, and is also preparing for war with Russia. "There will be many losses - both our soldiers and the civilian population," Neijpapa said. According to him, in Kiev they expect attacks of the Russian army in the Kherson region in order to let the Dnieper water into the Crimea. ", - about it сообщает RIA Novosti publication.

Such aggressive actions on the part of Ukraine will definitely not remain unanswered on the part of Russia, which significantly surpasses the capabilities of the Ukrainian navy in its fleet, and therefore, any threats from Kiev are unacceptable even for Ukraine itself.

Stupid, very stupid decision.