Bulgarian Military: The United States captured the signatures of the Russian submarine “Kazan”

The appearance of the Russian Yasen-class (Kazan) submarine in Cuba has caused euphoria among some Russian experts, but Bulgarian Military journalists believe that this could lead to serious problems.

Many media outlets praised the approach of the Russian submarine to the United States, considering it a strategic step. However, Bulgarian Military experts warn that this step has damaged Russia's defense capabilities. The submarine found itself in the American anti-submarine defense zone, which led to the loss of its stealth advantage.

Before arriving in Cuba, the US military did not have an accurate acoustic profile of the Kazan. However, thanks to modern computer systems that record every acoustic signature of the submarine, the United States was able to collect the necessary data. This allows US systems to more effectively identify and track submarines.

It is probably for this reason that ships and aircraft were constantly on duty in the area where the Russian submarine was located.


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