US military bunker destroyed by Iranian ballistic missile

As a result of the Iranian ballistic missile entering one of the bunkers, the shelter was destroyed.

Despite the fact that the American military base Al-Assad was prepared for ballistic missile attacks, it turned out that a relatively low-power Iranian strike could destroy one of the shelters.

In a photograph taken by one of the American military personnel, one can see that as a result of the explosion of an Iranian ballistic missile, the arch of a reinforced concrete bunker was destroyed, although this part of the shelter is the most durable and must withstand a direct hit.

Among other things, in the photograph of the bunker, you can see that the American troops who were in it were bombarded with debris (the far part of the shelter - approx. Ed.) Of destroyed buildings at the air base, as well as small concrete debris (near the left wall of the shelter - approx. Ed.) .

According to experts, if Iran really wanted to deliver a massive blow, then the US military would hardly have rescued such shelters.

“Iran has more powerful ballistic missiles in its arsenal, however, Iran chose to use modernized Soviet variants. If the bunker could not withstand a hit by such a missile, then in the event of a more powerful strike, it would turn the shelter into a grave. ”, - the expert marks.

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Well, Solomonycham does not belong there.

Why write without proven sources! They defeated the command bunker of the US troops! Destroyed the entire command of 32 people and 68 personnel! Allah Akbar!

Boris Ioselevich, are you still getting cancer? It is said that if it was necessary, then there would be nothing left of the bases. Why do you belittle the country that you do not like?

From Iran by the thread, and the AERO website has enough for a full bag of conclusions, in which there is nothing but facts posed by the cancer that can assure fools that the wrong, but unfortunately necessary, Russia’s ally is so peaceful and loyal that it destroys huts, and not palaces. But, for sure, it will reach them if they do not come to their senses in time. It is hard work to drag a hippopotamus from a swamp.