"Burgas-Kharkiv" baggage


Burgas-Kharkov Investigation of Baggage Damage Facts

Kharkiv International Airport was investigating the facts of damage to baggage, and material damage on a flight "Burgas-Kharkiv". Produced by the completion of the internal investigation into the facts of damage to luggage at the international airport "Kharkiv".

the investigation was carried out on the basis of statements by the affected passengers of flight No. 8232 “Burgas (Bulgaria) - Kharkov” which landed at the Kharkov airport 20 on September 2013. At the same time, the injured passengers filed material claims against the air carrier that operated the flight, of the Ukrainian airline Windrose. As a result of the investigation, the management of the airport "Kharkiv" expressed its sincere regret to the injured passengers, and reported that as a result of the internal investigation, the airport administration has undeniable evidence that the airport was not involved in the incident. Confidence in this gave the results of the examination conducted by the airport security service. The examination was carried out in the presence of an authorized representative of the passengers of the flight Svetlana Borzenko. After completing the examination of the video, Svetlana expressed confidence that she had no doubt that the Kharkiv airport was not involved in the incident. 
Note that on the same day, 20 September, similar cases with baggage were observed among passengers of Burgas - Kiev, and Burgas - Lviv flights.



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