F-22 fighter damaged


Business Insider: American F-22 destroyed

The damage caused by Hurricane "Michael" by the US Air Force can amount to billions of dollars.

A few days earlier, the Avia.pro resource reported that Hurricane Michael almost completely destroyed the American military airbase Tyndall, damaging dozens of airplanes and helicopters, destroying the hangars and infrastructure of a military airfield. Nevertheless, the photographs that appeared on the Web demonstrate the destroyed American F-22 super-fighter, which, for unknown reasons, was not transferred to another military airfield.

It is reported that the roof of the hangar that fell on the American fighter, seriously damaged the wings, the cockpit and the tail section. The special cover of the fuselage, which makes this aircraft invisible to enemy radar facilities, also suffered seriously.

According to experts, the restoration of a unique fighter can take up to three million dollars, but it is possible that this plane may not be the only one among the representatives of its model destroyed by Hurricane Michael.

In the photographs presented, it is very difficult to assess the damage done to the American fighter, however, a number of damages are still clearly visible.