PMC Wagner


A former soldier of the Wagner PMC was detained for raping a 24-year-old girl

A shocking crime occurred in Bashkiria: a former member of the private military company (PMC) "Wagner", 25-year-old Oleg Mikhailov, who was previously convicted of murder and served a sentence in prison, was pardoned in April 2023 after signing a contract and participating in special military operation. On November 5, he committed a crime against his 24-year-old friend.

According to preliminary information, Mikhailov, being intoxicated, persuaded the girl to take him home. After they arrived at his residence, he forcibly dragged her inside and raped her at knifepoint. The victim was able to contact the police and was released two hours after the abduction.

At the moment, Mikhailov is detained by law enforcement officers. Criminal cases have been opened against him under articles of “kidnapping” and “violent acts of a sexual nature.”


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