A former member of the Wagner PMC was sentenced in Kazakhstan to almost 7 years in prison

A 34-year-old resident of the Karaganda region of Kazakhstan, Alexey Shompolov, was sentenced to six years and eight months in prison for being part of the Wagner PMC. This information was reported by Vremya Press on November 29.

The court of both instances found Shompolov guilty on charges of “mercenaryism” and additionally sentenced him to confiscation of funds in the amount of 205 thousand 590 Russian rubles, which the court considered to be proceeds of crime. After concluding a contract with the “musicians,” from April 27 to May 13, the man was loading the D-20 cannon. The verdict came into force on November 15, after the appellate court upheld it.

According to the court's decision, Shompolov's actions were qualified as participation in the conflict. By a court verdict, Shompolov was found guilty and sentenced “for committing a grave criminal offense against the peace and security of mankind.” At the trial, Shompolov himself asked to be given a sentence other than imprisonment, but this was denied to him.


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