Former head of the National Security Service of Armenia: "We demanded from Pashinyan to end the war in Karabakh on October 19"

The Prime Minister of Armenia was again accused of losing Karabakh.

Former acting director of the National Security Service of Armenia Mikael Hambardzumyan stated that one of the key reasons for the loss of Karabakh was the unwillingness of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to listen to the recommendations of the country's defense department. Serious losses were simply ignored, while on October 19, 2020, Pashinyan was informed of the need to make a decision to end hostilities, which would allow him to maintain control over most of Karabakh, however, Pashinyan refused to take such measures, as a result of which, the conflict was ended only after three weeks with serious losses of territory and strength.

“At the meeting of the Security Council on October 19 or 18, the Chief of the General Staff of the RA Armed Forces presented in detail the current situation, prospects, the fact that Armenia is actually going to defeat. A proposal was made to stop hostilities, David Tonoyan was of the same opinion. But the decision to end the war was never made. ", - said Mikael Hambardzumyan.

Today, the tense situation on the territory of Armenia still persists, in particular, we are talking about a serious distrust of the Prime Minister of the country, both on the part of citizens and on the part of other authorities, against the background of which Pashinyan was repeatedly offered to resign, however. the latter refused to take such a step.

Who is corrupt is a big question. Rather, you, a robik, sold out. The policy of Russia and Russian politicians is to protect the interests of Russia. How much our resources can be given; protect, and still endure your habits of freeloaders.

Back in 2008, Russia presented Armenia and Azerbaijan with a draft peace settlement, but stubborn Armenian sheep considered themselves the smartest, for which they paid in 2020.

The main corrupt politicians were Armenians hiding under Russian names


Both sides agreed to the ceasefire measures proposed by the Russian Federation, if not the ambitions of the Fuhrer named Erdogan, who needed this war most of all. Turkey has become entrenched in the Caucasus for a long time, if not forever, because of the mediocrity, and perhaps the venality of Russian politicians.