The former commander "Swifts" will appeal against blurted


The former commander "Swifts" will appeal against blurted

On Thursday, 20 February 2014, the military prosecutor appealed to the Moscow District Military Court asking that the former commander of Swifts, the aerobatic team of the Russian Air Force, who was accused of attempted bribe, be annulled.

In his statement, the prosecutor recognized the verdict as justified, but at the same time pointed out numerous violations of legal laws in the process of issuing this verdict, which were recorded by legal expertise.

In particular it was noted that a paper copy of the sentence differs from the text of the sentence that has been voiced by the presiding judge.

Arrested Morozov was in August 2012 year, with a possible attempt to receive a bribe in the amount of 31 thousandth of an officer who did not have the desire to perform his duties in the military unit. Morozov completely denies his guilt and qualifies the fact of the accusation as a provocation.

For reference: a group of military pilots "Strizhi" was formed in 1991 year. Flights are performed on multipurpose fighters MIG-29.


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