The war in the Donbass


Former DPR Defense Ministry insulted Putin and accused Russia of the war in Donbass

The former DPR defense minister called Putin responsible for a new round of war in Donbass.

Against the background of an obvious deterioration of the situation in Donbass and the impending large-scale offensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the former head of the Ministry of Defense of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic Igor Strelkov not only accused Russia of the fact that the region could be captured by the Ukrainian army, but actually began to insult the Russian leader, demonstrating how lack of restraint, and their utter incompetence.

According to Igor Strelkov, the fact that Russia did not recognize the existence of the Donetsk and Lugansk self-proclaimed republics now leads to direct clashes between the unrecognized republics and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Strelkov's clearly offensive behavior raises a rather serious concern over the further relationship of the republics, in whose territory several hundred thousand Russian citizens live, directly with the Russian Federation itself.

At the same time, experts draw attention to the fact that earlier the leaders of the self-proclaimed republics themselves declared their independence and the current accusations against Russia from Strelkov are completely inappropriate.

“It is completely unclear what, according to Strelkov, Russia and Putin are to blame? Both the LPR and the DPR took a course towards independent development, however, when the smell of "fried" smelled, they quickly tried to blame it on Russia. Let's just try to remember what "successful" steps were achieved in the DPR under Strelkov ... ", - the expert marks.

It should be noted that this is far from the first statement by Strelkov to condemn Russia's actions and such criticism is clearly inappropriate.

"recognition" or non-recognition on the part of Russia has no Roano significance.
When NATO invaded, took over and rejected Kosovo, no one was puzzled by its independence.
the only thing that matters is how far the West is ready to go in Ukraine. By the way, judging by the latest events, it is precisely the Yuropsy, first of all the Germans (as in Yugoslavia), and not the Americans who are inciting
And the goal is still the same - Drang nach Osten

Maybe think first and then talk?

On both sides, Ukrainians are "fighting". Both are always not happy with everything. I do not consider it necessary to interfere in this conflict. Some time will pass, and both sides will shake hands with each other and accuse Russia. We always climb there where our interests are not. Ukraine, we are not a friend, not a relative and not a brother. I am against interference, in this confrontation. We must deal with the welfare of our people, and not throw money into a bottomless pit.


So they would go on, but who slowed them down for all sorts of invented excuses to serve partners. Or there are not Russians who live in your way, not Russians. One word and half-perfect deeds. Chatter. I got into the tug, do not say that it is not hefty.

So they would go on, but who slowed them down for all sorts of invented excuses to serve partners. Or there are not Russians who live in your way, not Russians. One word and half-perfect deeds. Chatter. I got into the tug, do not say that it is not hefty.

Russia is not a party to the conflict, the pro-Nazi regime in Ukraine is the culprit of the problems in Donbas. But over the 7 years of the Minsk agreements, nothing has moved and here we need action to recognize the republics, finally, sanctions against Ukraine, impose sanctions against the gas pipeline of Ukraine. Want to join Russia hold a referendum.

Do not wait!

I support Strelkov, but not Putin

And who gave it a hand in 2014-15, stopped the LPDNR offensive? Russia. How during this time the Ukry was restored.

Shooters are a real man!

Ivanovich, Russia is with you.

Golden words!

Great Russia from Sakhalin to the Carpathians, Great Russia, hurray, hurray, vivat !!!

What did he say wrong? You cannot take offense at the truth, even if it is unpleasant and hurts the ear ...

It's like the saying "it's a pity to quit and it's hard to bear." Oh, and experts are also shifting responsibility to the republics !? It's funny. But who if not Russia is responsible for the development of the situation around the republics? Either protect, or don't torment and let go. And everything will be OK. True, then the turn will come with the Crimea.

Shooters are 100 percent right, about the situation that is now taking shape, he said 5 years ago

He did not insult, but told the truth.

True, it hurts my eyes ...

Shooters are right. Russians are paying for Putin's indecision, to put it mildly, in 2014, after Crimea.

Just a couple of years ago, on various Russian sites, guys from the LPR and DPR bravely announced that they would reach Kiev, etc. etc. And now they declare that without the open intervention of Russia, they are unable to repel "Ukrainian aggression." If you started it yourself, then finish it yourself - this is exactly what real men do.

Seazal A, speak and B. Otherwise, they created a problem and did not solve it right away. And the people are suffering. It was necessary to prevent a coup initially in the USSR, then in Russia, and in 2014 in Ukraine. Betrayal of the upper classes reverberates with the common people

It is difficult to accuse Strelkov of incompetence in this matter.