Leonid Kravchuk


The former president of Ukraine does not believe in the offensive of the troops

Leonid Kravchuk, head of the Trilateral Contact Group, made another statement on the situation in Donbass. According to him, "Ukraine will not go to war in Donbass."

Kravchuk stressed that they want people to live "on the basis of Ukrainian law, freedom and democracy in the territories not controlled by Kiev."

Probably, according to Kravchuk's logic, the citizens of Ukraine today live in a democratic and free country "- a country where TV channels and parties are prohibited, where they impose sanctions against their citizens, persecute journalists, take away private property under invented pretexts, deal with those who have their own opinion.

Kravchuk: "Ukraine is set only for peace."

This statement sounds extremely cynical given the fact that the day before there was the first artillery strike by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the territory of the Luhansk People's Republic in a long time.

According to the statement of the first president of independent Ukraine, at the same time "Ukraine will not be silent, it will respond with fire to fire, but also with good for good."

For your information, just over the past day and only through the territory of the DPR, Ukrainian servicemen fired about 60 ammunition, including mines of various calibers. Shelling covered the western outskirts of Donetsk. And from the village of Peska, which is under the control of the Ukrainian security forces, the fire was fired in the direction of the northern suburbs of Donetsk.

Written long ago
Kamov = blades
Simple and stupid
Grebennikov his Sketchbook with anti-gravity expression in reality = ascent with a pilot = more than a centner. falling to the ground with a sketchbook = had a different physical nature
My world of combers ... Once, during a fast descent, in free fall mode, the left handle ... flew off, and I would have been "in a better world", but I not only did not crash, but did not even feel a blow, only darkness: platform I did it in arable land - it's good that it's not on the road! - a rather deep well, first vertical, and then taking in the direction of the sun. It was not without difficulty that I extracted myself from this miracle well, and my apparatus, of course, was badly damaged; but most of all the trouble was caused by the "well": it had no dumps! I had to show a lot of ingenuity to hastily disguise him - visible from the road, he would have caused a lot of rumors, and even, what good, would have led some overly zealous trackers to the "culprit".

My gravity plane: folded; ready to go; at the beginning of takeoff.
Similar wells - also without dumps and also running sideways in the depths - were formed unexpectedly on October 24, 1989 in the fields of the Khvorostyansky District of the Kuibyshev Region - Komsomolskaya Pravda told about this in detail on December 6 of the same year; so it turns out I'm not alone.
And, very much like, "reinventing the wheel" ...
What is written here. That fell. Fell in the soliton that created the device \ "sketchbook"
essence of further letter
Carrying blades = equip according to Grebennikov's technology .. pictures in YouTube where they ride these antigravitus ... there is a lot of essence in something else
the man was flying = what prevents to do it on the blades
Yes, new suits will be needed to work with microwave-plastic
It's so easy what's the matter to fly on a gate with a jet engine, or do the physics of the ancients
Ours know it = the physics of the ancients = Stanislav Kravchenko
and why bother introducing all the surrounding resonance. when quietly calmly count without sound, even the sustainer engines will not be so audible
Everything can be given a second life to Kamov

Kravchuk has long lost his mind ..