Former Russian ally handed over 4 Su-25 attack aircraft to Ukraine

The Ukrainian Air Force received 4 Su-25 attack aircraft from a former Russian ally.

This happened against the background of a serious shortage of combat aircraft in the ranks of the Ukrainian Air Force. Moreover, what is very remarkable, we are talking about the allegedly decommissioned Su-25 attack aircraft 18 years ago. This indicates that the fact that combat aircraft are being decommissioned is purely formal, especially given the fact that Ukraine received fully serviced and combat-ready combat aircraft.

As it turned out, the planes were handed over to the Ukrainian Air Force by a former Russian ally, which was previously actively supported by Moscow during the political crisis. We are talking about North Macedonia, which a little earlier also provided Ukraine with a whole battalion of T-72A1 tanks, according to a number of media reports, transferred by the Russian side to the armament of North Macedonia in 2000 absolutely free of charge. According to some reports, Su-25 attack aircraft were handed over to the Ukrainian military along with ammunition for these combat aircraft, however, their number is relatively small.

Considering that this is far from the first time that North Macedonia is arming Ukraine, the Russian side may well take very serious measures against this country, despite the once friendly relations, however, so far no official statements have been made on this subject from Moscow. It was.