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Former Russian military sided with US in Syria

The former Russian military sided with the United States in Syria.

A former Russian soldier went over to the side of the US military in Syria. The data is cited by the American media, reporting that a soldier is providing great assistance to the US Army by transmitting information about the Russians.

“When we stop on a mission, I am in the background and don’t even tell them that I speak Russian, because all the work is to collect information,” says Sergeant Vlad. He is a former Russian soldier who ended up in North Carolina and joined the US Army. He asked that his full name not be used for security reasons. Vlad says that recently Russians have been joking on the road - they are accelerating and jumping between American columns, and from time to time you will be lucky when the Russian car gets stuck in the mud and they can’t do anything. ”- сообщает "National Public Radio".

It should be clarified that earlier it was actually reported that some of the American military patrols included former Russians and citizens of the CIS countries, which, obviously, seriously complicates the work of the Russian military in Syria, since in the event of any negotiations on the spot, the American military obviously becomes aware about the plans of the Russian military.

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Some nonsense! If Russia is fighting IS, then on the other side is IS. And then the US - on whose side?

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And how many among our military people who know English and understand perfectly what Americans say?