A former member of the Northern Military District and a Russian patriot tried to carry out a terrorist attack in Moscow

40-year-old Oleg Vengryzhanovsky was detained in Moscow, accused of attempting to organize a terrorist attack. According to the investigation, Vengryzhanovsky planned to blow up a tank at the railway station in Mytishchi. He was arrested in the capital while searching for a cache with a detonator. For completing this task, Oleg was allegedly promised a monetary reward and transfer to the territory of Ukraine. Moslenta reports this.

It is interesting that about two weeks before this incident, Vengryzhanovsky was detained for petty hooliganism and released 10 days later. However, he was soon arrested again, this time on charges of preparing a terrorist attack.

Oleg's friends and acquaintances express surprise at his arrest. According to them, Vengryzhanovsky always showed himself as a patriot of Russia and even took part in a special military operation.


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