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From October 30, the airline "Ural Airlines" opens the flight Samara - Sochi - Ulyanovsk

Ural Airlines opens a new flight Samara - Sochi - Ulyanovsk.

The implementation of a new passenger flight will begin on 30 October 2015, and according to some information available from Avia.pro, experts suggest that the new route direction, despite the lack of seasonality, will be quite popular, at least, the anticipated load of aircraft Will be about 80-82%.

At the moment, the cost of a ticket on the new route direction is still unknown, as well as remains unknown, and the frequency of flights made, however, in the near future, this information will be verified by representatives of the airlines and on the basis of these data will be the schedule.

It is worth to clarify that the flights to the Black Sea resort have always been very popular, while in the autumn and winter season, the passenger flow is rather low, but still the number of passengers satisfies the air carriers.

Flights on the new direction of route will be available to passengers during the period of 30.10.2015 26.03.2016.


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