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C-500 "Prometheus" will be able to shoot down military satellites at an altitude of 200 kilometers

Russian "Prometheus" will be able to shoot down not only missiles and aircraft, but also space satellites.

When developing the S-500 Prometheus system, the Russian military incorporated a unique capability into this weapon, allowing it to destroy even military spacecraft if the orbit of the latter is at an altitude of up to 200 kilometers. Unlike the silo-based anti-satellite missiles currently in service with Russia, the S-500 Prometheus system can be covertly deployed anywhere in the world in order to attack enemy military satellites.

According to the data available to the news agency, the maximum target destruction range for the Russian S-500 Prometheus system is 200 kilometers (in height), which is suitable not only for intercepting enemy ballistic missiles at peak points, but also to destroy spacecraft.

Officially, the Russian S-500 Prometheus system is not positioned as an anti-satellite system. Taking into account the range in height, this gives the Prometheus the ability to deal with a wide range of space targets. To date, there are no analogues of Russian weapons in the world, however, Russia previously announced that the S-500 Prometheus would not be exported to other countries.

There is no need to doubt Valdemarushka, the s-500 air defense system is no longer on paper, but put into service.

Altitudes from 100 to 300 km, although formally space, are not used by humans. There are no satellites here. Unless a private spaceplane comes across.

To study the surface of the planet and the atmospheric layer, satellites are launched to an altitude of no more than 500 km. This is a near-earth orbit, it was in it that the first satellite vehicles flew. And in the area of ​​the polar poles of the planet, with a slope of 90 degrees, there is a polar orbit. One of the important orbits is the equatorial plane. The minimum altitude for satellite flights in geostationary orbit is 35000 km.

At such low altitude, satellites do not fly

(C-500 "Prometheus" * will * be able * to shoot down military satellites at an altitude of 200 kilometers)
Or maybe not, no one doubts on paper ...