Bomber B-29


70 years have passed since the aerial bombardment of Hiroshima

70 years ago, American bombers dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

Event shook an entire civilized world took place on August 6 1945 to 8 years 15 hours local time. As a result of the bombing of the Japanese city, according to various sources to have died from the 70 100 of thousands of civilians, and the consequences of use of nuclear weapons are stored and up to date.

Bombardment of the Japanese city was made with an American bomber B-29, at the same time, experts have no doubt that the consequences of the terrible bomb attack could have been avoided if the Japanese command had activated the air defense system on time - according to information from the news agency, it was decided to miss the American bomber , which was the fateful event for tens of thousands of civilians.

Today, not only in Japan, but throughout the world, hundreds of thousands of residents commemorated the victims of the atomic bombing with a minute of silence.