Causeur: Pentagon massively sends mercenaries and military specialists to Ukraine

The Pentagon is gathering military around the world to send to Ukraine.

American military specialists, contractors and mercenaries have been present on the territory of Ukraine since the first day of the start of the Russian military special operation. As it turned out, if earlier mercenaries acted only in limited directions, now they are present in absolutely all directions, which is a fundamentally new tactic of the Pentagon for sending a military contingent to Ukraine, since before the United States simply sent its troops and special forces to other countries directly.

“True, these were not real American soldiers, but contract “assistants” performing their role. For the first time, the Pentagon used such tactics specifically in Ukraine: it sort of outsources, looking for money for specialists who are ready to participate in large-scale hostilities in Ukraine., - reports the French edition of "Causeur".

It is noteworthy that we are talking about military specialists in various fields and it is more than likely that American mercenaries advise the Armed Forces of Ukraine during attacks using the same Himars multiple launch rocket systems, since earlier information has repeatedly appeared that such systems are controlled not by Ukrainians, but by foreign contractors.

How many mercenaries from the United States can be in Ukraine is unknown.


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