A whole company of armed Syrians blocked the path of the US military

The Syrian military menacingly met the American military - the Americans did not dare to approach.

The US Armed Forces once again unsuccessfully tried to travel to the Syrian region controlled by the Syrian and Russian military - the SAA troops simply didn’t let the Americans pass, however, which is surprising, if the Syrian troops used to be in shelters all the time, preparing for any turn of events, then on video frames , represented by the Al-Mayadin news media, one can see that this time, a whole company of armed Syrians was by no means joyfully greeted by US forces.

On the presented video frames, you can see that the Syrian military, who went to the checkpoint and stretched out as a target, clearly demonstrated to the American military that further movement along this highway will be closed to them. The Americans did not dispute this position of the SAA and quickly got out of the territory controlled by the Syrian military, but already under the cries of joyful Syrian soldiers.

At the disposal of the resource there was information that the incident occurred in Hasaka province, and similar cases are not uncommon - they occur every day, and so far the American military does not want to go to conflict, obviously realizing that it is controlled by the Syrian troops and Russian military personnel of the territory, they will quickly become a target, but will not receive support.

It is not known which region of Syria the American military tried to get into, however, this is the sixth known attempt to pass through the same checkpoint.