Airfare to Turkey and Dubai fell by 3500%

Airlines that have sharply raised airfare prices are now unable to find customers.

After air carriers sharply and completely unreasonably raised prices for air tickets at the end of September, they are now unable to find customers for their flights. This led to a sharp decline in airfare to Turkey and Dubai. At the same time, depending on the direction, the cost reduction amounted to 3500%. This indicates that airfare prices have been raised artificially.

According to a number of services, if after the increase in prices for air tickets for flights to Turkey and Dubai they reached 600-700 thousand rubles, now the cost of flights is 20-40 thousand rubles. However, the number of passengers on flights of domestic carriers has significantly decreased and at the moment there is an acute shortage of customers, even despite the onset of the so-called velvet season.

The Russian carriers, which jacked up the prices for air tickets, did not explain what exactly the price increase was connected with.

At the moment, the cost of air tickets is within normal prices, however, it is likely that due to low demand, prices may fall even lower, however, due to closed borders with European states, this is still in question.


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