Caricature Tu-154


"Charlie Hebdo" published a caricature of the tragedy with the Tu-154

French magazine «Charlie Hebdo» published a caricature of the crash of Tu-154.

Despite the fact that in a terrible crash killed dozens of people, the French satirists found in this a subtle hint of humor, which caused a lot of negative criticism, both from Russia and from other countries. It is not known exactly what the French satirists find humor in death 92 people, however, it is likely to adversely affect political relations between the two countries.

Moreover, according to information of the news agency, Russian experts believe caricature of the manifestation of extremism, svzya with anything on this fact an investigation will be conducted in the near future.

Laughing human grief - disgusting. But when the shot the editor of this magazine creepy funny is not it? And why the French authorities do not stop this madness? There's all these vampires?