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Reckoning hour: Libyan army shot down 72 Turkish drones with Buk air defense system in 13 hours

Turkish drones began to fall in Syria with the transition of the Libyan National Army to the Buk air defense system.

Over the past 72 hours, the Libyan National Army has completely defeated the Turkish military and the forces of the Government of National Unity, having shot down 13 Turkish drones during this period. According to experts, having relocated, the Haftar army arranged for the Turks and PNE forces a real “droneless fall” (“dronesfall” - orig.), And, according to unconfirmed reports, such astounding success was achieved thanks to the transition to using the Buk-M2 air defense system.

“The forces of the Libyan National Army) over the past 72 hours have made major shifts in the military direction,” said LNA spokesman Major General Ahmed al-Mismari on Sunday. At a press conference, Al-Mismari confirmed that "the air defense forces managed to bring down more than 13 Turkish drones." He added: “The Air Force has begun to regain full sovereignty over several Libyan regions,” emphasizing that “reports of the withdrawal of troops by the Libyan National Army are incorrect, but rather far-fetched militarily.” Libya suffers from a sharp separation of state institutions between the East, ruled by the National Assembly and the National Army, and between the West, where the Presidential Council of Al-Vefak Government is chaired by Fayyis Al-Sarraj- приводит information edition of Al-Masdar News.

This is not the first information about the transition of the Libyan National Army to the use of Buk-M2E systems, however, such information has not yet received any official confirmation, although the drones themselves have strayed from a distance of 40-50 kilometers from the nearest positions of the aircraft.

Considering that the cost of one Turkish Bayraktar TB-2 impact drone is about $ 5 million, in just three days the losses amounted to about $ 60-65 million.

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