World Cup in Russia, and Turkey wins


World Cup in Russia, and Turkey wins

Russian, who will rent their apartments during the World Cup, will be able to rest on their money in Turkey. And some European tourists will travel to Russia via Istanbul.

The FIFA World Cup, the matches of which will be held in Russian cities from June 14 to July 15, will bring profit not only to the economy of the host country, but also to Turkey.

During this large-scale sports tournament, in which 32 national teams compete, Russia will welcome football fans from around the world, and Turkey - Russian tourists who prefer high-quality beach holidays to football confrontations.

Apartment, the cost of 1000 $ per day

It is expected that in connection with the World Championships, the number of foreign tourists this year will increase by 1,5 million people. The Russians decided to rent out their apartments for daily rent, while they themselves spend this time in Turkey. And due to the fact that the demand for housing for football fans will be high and the prices accordingly too, some tourists from Europe will first rest in Turkey and then go to Russia.

Chairman of the board of directors of the leading Russian tour operator "Anex Tour" Neshet Kochkar asserts that there are no available rooms in Russian hotels. " "Russians rent their apartments at a price ranging from 600 to 1000 dollars per day," he said.

Those who want to avoid the turmoil and increased congestion of people, for the time mundialya going on vacation in Turkey. " According to preliminary estimates, the income from the placement of 1,5 million tourists for Russia will be about 3 billion dollars, says Neshhet Kochkar. "The revitalization of the Russian economy will positively affect the state of tourism," he notes, Russians like summer vacations, and the first country that is associated with it is Turkey.

A chairman of the board of directors of "Pronto Tour" Ali Onaran shared information that about 3 thousand fans from Europe will go to the World Cup through Turkey.

First Istanbul, then Russia

The increase in demand for Russian destinations has entailed a rise in the price of air tickets, "Onaran said. - At the same time, it becomes more difficult for Europeans to get tickets for matches. To solve the problem of expensive air transport, many Europeans choose a route to Russia via Turkey. For the price of the tour, they can rest for a few days in sunny Istanbul and find more affordable tickets to Russia.

High interest from corporations

Ali Onaran says that a large number of requests from Turkey to visit Mundialya-2019 are received, and compared to the previous year, sales of tours to Russia have doubled. Special interest is shown by the companies - the chairman of "Pronto Tour" marks. This is clearly seen in the "Pronto Mays", where the organization of tours for corporate companies. "


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