A train with American armored vehicles proceeded through Poland, towards the Ukrainian border

A train with American armored vehicles proceeded through Poland, towards Ukraine.

A few hours ago, a video appeared on the Web, which captured the moment of the transfer of American military armored vehicles towards, allegedly, the Ukrainian border. At least 19 M2 Bradley armored personnel carriers and a number of other military equipment were identified on the railway platforms. At the same time, this is not the first recorded case of the transfer of American military armored vehicles through European countries to the Ukrainian borders.

At the moment, there are no official comments from either Poland or the United States, however, there are no plans to conduct any military exercises in the territory of Eastern Europe in the near future. This points to the fact that the technology is more than likely heading, if not to Ukraine itself, then to its borders.

The situation causes extremely high concern, especially after the United States confirmed its readiness to send its troops to Ukraine in the event of an escalation in the Donbass. This can lead not only to a local military conflict, but also to full-scale clashes throughout Eastern Europe.

They're not in their own territory, Black. Its territory for American armored vehicles is America, isn't it? )))

Why is all the equipment not covered with camouflage? This is a clear demonstrative act.

There is no time even to repaint, the yellow tanks will be far away visible for targeted destruction.

And where are the brads??? abrams on platforms. And is it Poland?????

Do not write nonsense, our army is rearming and quite cheerfully

And then Vova and Dima realized that the money that was supposed to go for rearmament went offshore to their oligarch friends.

Their territories are in North America, but they don’t even let Europeans go there, probably because they don’t know something like Zelensky.
Does Zelensky know that he lives in an apartment building? And you can’t do anything in it, even in your apartment, without taking into account the opinions of your neighbors. And if you do not take into account the safety of a neighbor, then the neighbor has the right to disperse the hangout, especially if he can.

Disguised as a lamb, the United States is stubbornly preparing a war between Ukraine and Russia. All the media were connected to propaganda - "Russian aggression", bringing their weapons and mercenaries to Ukraine.
At the same time, they themselves expect to stay on the sidelines, watching how Slavic blood will be shed, with exclamations of "wow".

decided to ventilate, only the Russians go not to ventilate

Syria and Lebanon also know who to let in, but they are periodically bombed ...
And from Mali, the French directly stated - we will not leave! Although the local Zelensky also knew ...

America openly stated that by any means they would not allow the appearance of threats to themselves near their borders.

So there is nothing like that if Russia starts using the "best" "civilized" modern methods, because it can.

The Russian Federation must announce the rule: we have the right to destroy the occupying troops in neighboring countries, whose stay with the Russian Federation is not agreed and is potentially dangerous for the Russian Federation. Israel not only accepted this rule, but constantly applies it.
So this is an international practice, so to speak.

And what is it? They are on their territory, Zelensky himself knows who to let in, who not.