Small-engine aircraft Beechcraft M35


Four people were killed in the crash of an airplane in the United States

In the crash of a light aircraft in Wisconsin (USA), four people died.

The crash occurred on the eve of the day, near the city of Ameri, while, as information resource became known, the light-engine aircraft Beechcraft M35 Bonanza transported four people on its board who died in the crash.

According to reports, the plane of light-performing private flight, however, according to some reports, due to a technical failure of unknown character, the pilot of the aircraft out of control, which is why at a high speed hit the ground.

All the circumstances of this tragedy are currently being clarified by specialists, while it is worth clarifying that literally the day before, in another American state, a light-engine aircraft fell in the courtyard of a residential building, as a result of which the pilot who was at the controls of the aircraft died.


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