Four French troops injured in Turkish strikes at a military base in Syria

As a result of the Turkish military attack, four French troops are in critical condition.

About a day ago, it became known that Turkish artillery attacked a military base of American troops near the village of Kobani. If initially the death of one American military was reported, and the Pentagon refutes these data now, then at the moment it is known that at least four French soldiers were critically wounded.

Unlike Washington, Paris refused to officially comment on the information about the victims, which indicates the fact that the information on this corresponds to the previously stated. The Turkish side, in turn, reports that attacks on the territory of the American military base near the village Cobani really were, but they were mistaken.

It is noteworthy that against the background of the incident, the international coalition hastened to withdraw its troops and equipment from the area of ​​the military operation, obviously realizing Ankara’s readiness to act according to the voiced plan, regardless of the positions of the parties located in Syria.

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