Four Iranian warships cut off two US Navy warships in the Persian Gulf

The first details of the incident between four Iranian and two American warships have emerged.

According to foreign media reports, in early April, four Iranian high-speed warships staged a serious incident with two US Navy ships, not only crossing their trajectory, but also working out an attack on American ships. The incident turned out to be a rather serious reminder to the United States that Iran keeps its borders and border regions under control, however, the first details of what happened appeared.

According to Soha, the IRGC's fast ships not only cut off the American ships, forcing the crew of the latter to drastically reduce speed and change course, but also did so at a distance of only 70 meters from the bow of one of the ships, thereby simulating an attack. The American military did not manage to timely detect the approaching Iranian ships and therefore such an imitation of an attack became a very serious test for them.

“According to information from US Navy officials, in early April, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps deployed several warships to siege and intimidate two US Coast Guard ships in the Persian Gulf. In particular, the IRGC's three fast warships and a larger support ship organized a siege of the two US Coast Guard warships Monomoy and Wrangel as they patrolled international waters. A large Iranian support ship repeatedly "clipped" US warships, at some point about 70 meters from the Wrangel, and forced the US warship to "change course to avoid collision.", - reports the publication "Soha".

It should be noted that the situation did not reach the point of escalation, however, Washington is clearly clearly dissatisfied with Tehran's actions, since this undermines the authority of the United States in the region.


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