SAM Patriot


Four Iranian missiles managed to break through 6 areas of American Patriot air defense systems

The American Patriots did not even notice the flight of the four Iranian ballistic missiles.

The introduction of additional Patriot systems into service with Saudi Arabia did not lead to any significant results - over the past week, at least four Iranian medium-range ballistic missiles were able to break through the six deployment areas of the Patriot air defense system - the missiles were intercepted only over the capital itself Saudi Arabia, moreover, triggered the system "THAAD".

On January 23 and 26, 2021, two medium-range ballistic missiles were launched from neighboring Yemen towards Riyadh. The latter managed to successfully pass two areas with the American Patriot air defense systems on the border with Yemen and four areas located in the central part of Saudi Arabia. According to some reports, the American complexes simply did not have enough height to deal with missiles, however, there is an assumption that these complexes simply could not detect ballistic targets.

Despite the broader capabilities of the THAAD systems, experts draw attention to the fact that the interception of ballistic missiles was not to be carried out over Riyadh, but at least at a distance of 150 kilometers, which indicates that these targets were detected only at the last moment. against the background of which experts do not exclude an imminent massive attack by the Houthis.

Ordinary s-rams were protected from blows in baghdad that talking about a Patriot was simply not beneficial to someone

Che for fairy tales in Karabakh, only 6 s-300s destroyed the c-400, Armenia does not have))

If I am not mistaken, the c300, not even the c400, which defended the Yerevan airport, being in automatic mode, shot down Azerbaijani missiles without any problems

Or maybe they are patriots like ours 400 disposable? Once they went on the air, the signal was counted and that's it, scrap metal. Then you can suppress it with some kind of home-made device. Probably so, since both vaunted systems have not intercepted anyone in real combat ...