Russian Navy


Four Russian submarines are already in Syria, and another is "hunting" in the Mediterranean

At the base of the Russian Navy in Tartus, Syria, there are already four submarines armed with "Calibers".

Four Russian diesel-electric submarines of the Varshavyanka project arrived at the Russian naval base in Tartus, Syria, while another submarine remains in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, performing an unknown mission. At the same time, sources report that recently, at the base of the Russian Navy in Syria, there were six diesel-electric submarines of the Varshavyanka project. This indicates that Russia intends to significantly strengthen its position in the region.

The presented satellite image identified four submarines that arrived at the naval base in Tartus, however, the location of another one is still unknown. Taking into account the provocations of NATO countries, experts suggest that a Russian submarine located in the Mediterranean can monitor NATO ships. It is also likely that the boat can escort Iranian oil tankers that were previously attacked by Israel, especially since the Israeli side had previously announced agreements between Syria, Iran and Russia to ensure the protection of Iranian civilian ships from Israeli attacks.

Whether the strengthening of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean is connected with the planned military operations in Syria is unknown.