Four Russian Su-30SMs intercepted American B-52s off the coast of Crimea

The media reported on the interception of American B-52 bombers by Russian Su-30SM.

Russian media and information resources reported that four Russian Su-30SM fighters were lifted from a Russian military airfield in Crimea after several American strategic B-52 bombers staged a provocation near the borders of the Russian peninsula. It is reported that the Russian military aircraft acted quite tough, forcing the US military to change the route of their flight.

According to the Russian news agency FAN, citing foreign media, the flight of the Russian Su-30SM fighters took place at a very close distance from the American strategic bombers, and, apparently, the Russian pilots showed that further resistance would be punished by tougher maneuvers. with which, by the way, American pilots are quite familiar.

By the current hour, there are no details from the Russian Ministry of Defense and the command of the strategic forces of the US Air Force, however, given the fact that the American side continues to provoke near the Russian borders, Russia also intends to start acting more radically, especially after the Americans actually invaded Russian territorial waters, ignoring repeated warnings from the Russian military.