The number of Turkish militants in northern Syria has reached 30 thousand people

A 30-strong army of pro-Turkish militants and terrorists operates in northern Syria.

Turkish media have revealed the total number of pro-Turkish militants and groups operating here against official Damascus. As it became known, we are talking about 7 large groups, which, nevertheless, operate independently of each other, but are actively supported by Ankara. This is a very serious threat, together with the Turkish army, for the Syrian forces.

According to data provided by Turkish resources, we are talking about the following terrorist groups banned in Russia:

  • "Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham"
  • "Ahrar ash-Sham"
  • "Failak al-Sham"
  • "Jaysh al-Nasr"
  • "Jaysh al-Izza"
  • "Islamic Party of Turkestan"
  • Ansar al-Tawhid (the only group capable of producing missiles).

The total number of militants reaches 30 thousand people.

A 30-strong army of militants poses a rather large threat, however, the detachment of the groups from each other can lead to the fact that the militants begin to wage full-scale wars among themselves. This threatens to significantly reduce terrorists and illegal armed groups in the region, which, by the way, is already observed in certain areas in the north of the SAR.