Members of PMC "Wagner" published a video of their destroyed base in the LPR

The former base of Wagner PMC in the LPR was completely destroyed.

One of the specialists of the private military company "Wagner" presented video footage from the site of the PMC base destroyed a day earlier. As it turned out, the consequences of the impact of the American Himars MLRS turned out to be much more serious than originally thought - as a result of an accurate strike, only ruins remained from the former object used by the forces of the Wagner PMC.

On the video footage you can see the consequences of yesterday's Himars MLRS strike on the Wagner PMC military base. According to a military specialist, the base ceased to exist, and everything that was in its place is now under the rubble. Serious destruction indicates that the blow was extremely powerful, however, by the current hour, there is no official information about the number of injured and dead.

It is noteworthy that the location of the Wagner PMC base was accidentally given out by a war correspondent who decided to arbitrarily publish photos in his Telegram channel. It was possible to establish the exact coordinates on the plate on the bomb shelter, where the exact address of the object is indicated. The military commissar himself did not give any explanations on this matter, deleting the previously published photos from his Telegram channel by the current hour.


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