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Members of an unknown PMC were able to freely infiltrate the Kharkov tank plant right in the middle of the day

Members of an unknown PMC were able to infiltrate one of the most guarded Ukrainian military installations.

At the disposal of the news agency was a fragment of a unique video made by an unknown PMC, whose members were able to get to the Kharkov Tank Plant without hindrance. According to Ukrainian sources, it may well be a Russian PMC, especially since the video is accompanied by the so-called. audio recording used by a number of Russian PMCs.

What exactly the unknown did at the Kharkov Tank Plant is unknown. Given the fact that this happened during the day and that earlier the SBU announced that it would tighten control on the territory of the Kharkiv region after an unknown attack drone entered the airspace of Ukraine, there is no proper control over one of the most guarded military facilities on the territory of Ukraine.

As for the situation at the Kharkov Tank Plant itself, you can see that Ukrainian designers continue to assemble various types of armored vehicles, as evidenced by the hulls placed at the plant, intended for subsequent assembly.

Official Kiev has not yet commented on the video that has appeared, however, it is obvious that this will once again hit Ukraine's reputation quite hard.

And this is a PMC?

What does it mean that the shooting was carried out at the KhBTZ? Does Patamushta camouflage resemble Ukrainian?

Everything is sold, everything is betrayed in 1991.



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