The private security company "Agency Excalibur" was supposed to guard the gymnasium in Bryansk, but no one saw the guards

A terrible tragedy occurred at gymnasium No. 5 in Bryansk: 14-year-old 8th grade student Alina A. opened fire on her classmates. The incident happened at 9:15 am during a biology lesson. Alina, armed with a Bekas-3 gun hidden in a tube, went up to the fourth floor and started shooting. As a result of the attack, 13-year-old classmate Maria N. was killed, four boys were injured, and the shooter herself committed suicide.

The incident occurred despite the fact that the gymnasium was guarded by the private security organization Excalibur Agency, for whose services the school paid 300 thousand rubles. The school did not have a metal detector frame, and Alina was able to smuggle the weapon in unnoticed.

The Excalibur Agency protects 24 educational institutions in Bryansk, the total amount of contracts is 4,2 million rubles. One of the wounded schoolchildren, 14-year-old Peter E., is in critical condition with a severe arm injury, multiple fractures and pneumothorax.

The emergency has raised shock and questions about school safety and security effectiveness. The investigation continues to establish the motives and circumstances of the tragedy.


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