UAV Aircraft carrier


Emergency for the US Navy: Iranian drone disabled all air defense systems and "attacked" US Navy ships

An American aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf was attacked by an Iranian attack UAV.

A few hours ago, an Iranian attack unmanned aerial vehicle, armed with at least four cruise missiles, entered to attack an American aircraft carrier, but was not noticed by the air defense systems of the escorting ships. According to preliminary data, we are talking about the UAV Shahed-129.

In the images presented, you can see that an Iranian Air Force attack unmanned aerial vehicle successfully flew to an entire aircraft carrier strike group of the US Navy at a distance of only a few kilometers, while the drone was not detected, which allowed the IRGC forces to successfully work out approaches to attack as against escort ships and against the aircraft carrier itself.

According to some reports, Iran could use electronic countermeasures to deactivate US air defense systems, and if the information on this matter is true, then experts believe that the Iranian military has made significant progress in developing such systems, since, if necessary, one massive missile strike can leave the United States without an entire carrier strike group.

Washington does not officially comment on the incident for the entire American fleet.

Well done Iranians, did not chicken out, made a "black" electro-magnetic hole in the Persian Gulf for the Americans

With a hangover, what can you not write to justify your stay in this place. It is necessary to show that it is not in vain that he receives money, and even what is given taking into account the coefficient of increased danger.

thanks to our committed developments, I think. By the way, why is all the information in English on the drone screen? If they are, then everything should be in Arabic script ... a discrepancy, however

Wow! The Iranians conditionally destroyed a quarter of the US Navy. Cool! Not expected