State of emergency in the Northern Fleet due to coronavirus: strict quarantine imposed on a Russian nuclear submarine

The crew of the Russian nuclear submarine with cruise missiles was put in hard quarantine.

The Russian nuclear submarine K-266 Orel, currently located in the Murmansk Region, has been declared a quarantined object. The reason for this is the contact of one of the submariners with the coronavirus infected COVID-19.

“On the nuclear submarine missile cruiser“ Orel ”, which is based on the Northern Fleet, quarantine was established for the entire crew. The reason for quarantine was the contact of a civilian specialist who arrived on a submarine as part of a business trip. Presumably, he was on the same board with a man whose coronavirus had previously been confirmed. In addition to the crew of the “Eagle”, the crew of a neighboring submarine and a floating workshop were quarantined ”- сообщает information resource "Bi-Port".

Given the fact that the crew of the Russian nuclear submarine K-266 "Orel" is 107 people, and the crew of the neighboring submarine and floating workshop can be the same number, we are most likely talking about quarantining more than 300 Russian submarines and military specialists Navy.

So far no comments have been received from the Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet command on this subject, however, the situation is very urgent, even despite the fact that the Orel nuclear submarine is not equipped with nuclear weapons.

“If the information is correct, then the Russian fleet has lost at least two submarines that can be used to counter the enemy. It is possible that a special regime may be introduced on other Russian warships and submarines. ", - the expert marks.

Earlier it was reported that there are currently no infections among the Russian military.

On boats, two crews, hand over to a specialist.

On boats, two crews, hand over to a specialist.

Send a civilian specialist not to quarantine, but to a pre-trial detention center. So it will be very fair.

and why the crew, in case of severe necessity (as in wartime), even the wounded .. with one hand ... with one leg .. stood ... lying. !!! but ensured success to the team ??? !!!!!! !!!!!!!!