An emergency at the Center-2019 exercises: the BMD dropped from the Il-76 turned into a pile of scrap metal. Video

Landing BMD from IL-76 at the exercises "Center-2019" led to the loss of the car.

The ongoing exercises "Center-2019" could not do without another incident. During the landing of an airborne combat vehicle, for unknown reasons, parachutes failed, as a result of which a military vehicle that fell from a height of several hundred meters turned into a pile of scrap metal.

In the videos and photographs published by the Telegram community of Gallifrey Technologies, you can see the moment of the incident itself and the consequences that the landing vehicle fell from a height of several hundred meters. In fact, the car was completely destroyed.

Representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation have already confirmed the incident, refusing to comment on it in any way, only emphasizing that the crew was absent on board the car.

In the photographs presented, you can see that the landing vehicle is not subject to repair and restoration, while the video recording made at the time of the incident clearly demonstrates that the parachute failed at the very beginning.

Moreover, the Telegram-Military Observer community reports that, according to a number of military sources, two armored vehicles were completely lost

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Yes, our media didn’t talk about this. We didn’t show it. We see only the failures of others and we rejoice in it throughout the country.

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that the media don’t laugh as in the case of the American exercises. they’re just a couple of hammers there ... if they’re ruining our armored personnel carriers.