Emergency at the Caucasus-2020 exercises - a tank and a military truck were lost. Video

During the Caucasus-2020 exercise, Russia lost a tank and a military truck.

Large-scale military maneuvers resulted in losses for the Russian army. So, according to previously published data, due to a mistake by the Russian military, an anti-tank missile hit the side of a Russian T-90 tank, however, just a few hours ago a new emergency occurred - under unclear circumstances, a military truck caught fire - the car was completely destroyed by fire.

In the presented video frames, you can see that the KAMAZ truck was completely engulfed in flames in just a few seconds. Information about the servicemen in the cockpit has not yet been commented on, however, the vehicle was completely destroyed.

According to some reports, the vehicle was parked along with other trucks, however, other vehicles were saved from the flames of a car that had caught fire. According to preliminary data, the victims were avoided.

Such losses during the exercise are completely unacceptable, however, the news agency was unable to find out the circumstances of the incident, since there are no official comments on this matter.

No, unfortunately, I could not stand it !!!! The crew died!

The main thing is that the soldiers are healthy, and the rest is everyday business ...)

3% l / s losses during large-scale exercises seemed to be considered an acceptable threshold in the USSR.

"The armor is strong and our tanks are fast ..." - there was such a song in the old years

The author, given the scale of the exercises, the losses are very scanty, even the statistical error does not fit. So do not fool your head and do not whip up passions. The loss of personnel was avoided, and good.

Any large-scale exercises are accompanied by losses, both human (returnable and irrevocable), and equipment and weapons. Since the times of the USSR, the military even has a standard, without exceeding which one can speak of satisfactorily conducted exercises. It may sound harsh, but it is what it is.

Withstood, all attachments flew ...

What about the tank? Did he survive the missile hit? Apparently yes! Otherwise, "well-wishers" would certainly have written about it.

tanks and trucks during exercises consumables ecm

And what's so unacceptable? During the exercises, the percentage of deaths of people is even laid down, not like technology.

In war as in war.

Apparently, KamAZ 6350 is on fire, a type of artillery tractor.

That's why they teach, to identify all the shortcomings. Of course, if you do nothing, then everything will be intact. And from the loss of a tank and a vehicle, Russia will not become poorer.

Losses during exercises are permissible and even large, this is not a school desk for you!