State of emergency in the Barents Sea: several NATO ships “unexpectedly” broke down at the largest Russian naval base

The NATO demonstration of Russia's power has turned into a miserable beating.

The Federal News Agency, citing data from foreign sources, reports that NATO’s warships, trying to demonstrate Russia's determination and strength, approaching the largest base of the Russian Navy in the Barents Sea, unexpectedly failed. The reason was not at all the secret weapons of the Russian military and not outright sabotage, but the frost, which disrupted the operation of certain systems of American and British ships and, in fact, demoralized the crews of NATO warships.

“During the campaign, the American destroyers were covered with a thick layer of ice, which led to the failure of airborne equipment and weapons. The author of the article notes that the unsuccessful exercises of the USA and NATO at the borders of Russia amused the Russian military, who watched the maneuvers from the outside. At the same time, the Russian Navy did not have such problems. “Russian ships use special low-temperature coatings that allow them to be resistant to extreme temperatures,” the article says. Experts note that the past exercises clearly demonstrated the inability of the US and NATO Navy to compete with Russia in the Arctic climate. “The US military admitted that their ships in the Arctic often break and get stuck in the ice. Icebreakers could fix the situation, but the US Navy is not rich in ships of this type, ”Chinese experts say.- the information is published by the Federal News Agency.

It should be clarified that earlier it was actually reported that the strike group of NATO ships did not complete their exercises in the Barents Sea, leaving it a few days earlier, which does not exclude the possibility that the NATO fleet could actually encounter some problems, however, it is quite obvious that the US warships and nuclear submarines did not pose any significant threat, since the latter were closely monitored by the Russian Navy.

And at the expense of whom are they rich?)

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They have not been able to draw conclusions and correct for 50 years. No need to ascribe to them what they cannot in principle. Every time you think that pendos can fix something, remember that they have such corruption in the Ministry of Defense that our bribe takers and embezzlers can only dream of in their most rainbow dreams.

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The Russians are provoking an arms race. They will not have time to invent something, they are already shouting to the whole world, they are boasting. Like a coward, don’t beat us, otherwise we have this and I can hit you. Naturally, this gives an impetus to developments similar to those of the enemy. Before, everything was kept secret and they themselves knew what the enemy was capable of and for lack of info, was also afraid. But now the coward is experiencing how to survive to the end of his power in any way, more often by deceit, and then to descendants, although the grass does not grow. as it is customary for Russians to beat into fanfare, and then ended up in the ass. so now, it will not take a little time and they will get around in technology. Russia is poor, and money is needed for these tsatskis. Therefore, all the poor, but show off to the whole world, we are great, and the fact that a pensioner is starving doesn’t give a damn. children are malnourished, more than prisoners in America, ......

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And what, the frost really was?

Well, the submarines of the Russian Navy do not need any kind of coatings at all.
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In fact, the mind can not understand Russia. A group of heavily armed ships of a potential enemy stood near our largest naval base. And we (judging by the comments) write boiling water with joy, poke a finger at them, jump to the ceiling. Or maybe they just got up? Maybe they have already mined? "The women of Ur shouted and threw caps into the air." Oh, let's cross.

You’ll be surprised, but the lack of icebreakers in the US Navy is a long-known problem that you can easily find on the net. Not to mention the atomic and the last new “combat icebreaker.” And the reasons are known. Now let them catch up, with your full blessing .

Will they build a new fleet and icebreakers in the shortest possible time? Amused.

The Navy is in the United States, in Russia there is no such thing! There is a Navy, there is a MCHPV!

Or maybe they broke down specifically for the purpose of conducting electronic intelligence.

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Even assuming (the author, of course, the dreamer is also the storyteller-dreamer from Lakhta) that the USA has no icebreakers, etc. "difficulties - the USA with its economy, industry and dough is able to create from scratch what we will from scratch wonder for a long time, and as always Catch up with them.

Usa does not help stealth technology. Frost does not know visible ships or not, it just freezes. As a result, it turns the invisible into visible and non-working.

Place a smoke screen around them, or tow them into neutral waters.

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Amer will draw conclusions from this experience and correct the situation as soon as possible - they are more mobile in making decisions!

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