That S-300, that S-400: the very "best air defense in the world" turned out to be helpless against the IDF - they were even nearly destroyed

Syrian S-300 missed Israeli missiles from 10 kilometers, and S-400 from 14 kilometers.

Another aggression against the Syrian military by the IDF, has turned into a new reason for criticizing the Russian air defense systems. We are talking about the latest modification of the S-300 complex, delivered two years earlier to the armament of the ATS, as well as the most long-range air defense system in the world - the S-400 complexes deployed by the Russian military a few kilometers north.

A few hours ago, unknown planes, being in the airspace over northern Lebanon and the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, launched rocket attacks on the territory of the Syrian province of Hama. One of the targets was the Syrian military base, which was completely destroyed, while, according to analysts, Israel also tried to destroy the S-300 positional area, located just 10 kilometers away, and the air base with MiG-29 fighters, transferred several days ago the Russian military in service with the ATS. A rather unpleasant moment is the fact that neither the S-300 nor the S-400 were able to detect the Israeli fighters that launched the missiles, nor the missiles themselves.

Against the backdrop of such airstrikes from Israel, Russian air defense systems again began to be actively criticized, calling them the most expensive in Syria and the most useless weapons in the world, which had never been used.

Russia has not yet commented on the inaction of its air defense systems in Syria, nor has it commented on another IDF aggression against Syria.

I am touched by these stupid and ridiculous attempts to justify the helplessness of Syrian air defense by the fact that Israeli planes are supposedly in the airspace of Lebanon, and therefore Syrian missiles can not violate the borders of Lebanon. :-) These are the legitimate Syrians who consider Lebanon to be part of their territory and have occupied all of its eastern part for 20 years. And if they beat, then what? Will the Lebanese be offended by the fact that Israeli military aircraft that violated their border were shot down on their territory? :-)))) Will he complain to the UN? Nice one.

I can state with full confidence that neither the Syrian S-300 nor the Russian S-400 Israeli aircraft have seen. From the territory of Syria no radar could detect them at all, because Israeli planes use the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon to attack southwestern Syria. This is such a natural 120-kilometer air "tunnel", which is hidden on both sides by mountain ranges. Not a single low-flying aerial target flying in this valley is visible on radars located in Syria (i.e., behind a mountain range).

The author simply does not know that this is a mirror (judging by the size in the photo) of the receiving antenna K-1 SAM S-200.

It is very bad that such things are written by people who do not understand anything in air defense tactics and air defense. To begin with, the launch of aircraft missiles occurred from the territory of another state Or the fighters noticed, but could not shoot at them (not in Syrian airspace). Or physically they could not see. Are the height and range of missile launch known? Does the author know the concept of "line of sight"? Not one locator sees through the earth. Law of physics. Author. He writes about 10-15 km. But the near border of the S-300 affected area is 40 km. If the author understands what the BGZP is and why any air defense system has it. But the most important thing is different. What is the weight of warhead aircraft rocket. This is not a strategic missile. Small. So the damage is small. Is it worth it to “burn” expensive S-300 missiles for such minor goals? No. For this, there are Arrows, Torahs, and finally Armor. The author needs to teach physics and economics a bit so that he no longer writes nonsense.

The whole article is bullshit. How is it known whether Israeli aircraft discovered or not an air defense system? Neither the S-300 nor the S-400 are designed to destroy small air-to-surface missiles used by the Israelis. This is a job for Shells and Beeches.

Yes ... Airplanes were over Lebanon ... But they were supposed to be sawed in Syria ...

I can imagine what will begin if they start knocking them down. Stink, sanctions, famine, Holocaust ...

The author himself sat at the monitors and tracked the detection range? Well, finish nonsense and carry nonsense, because you position yourself as professionals

How could they almost destroy the S-400, if they are on the territory of the Russian base?

This is in our favor. The more Israelis and Turks destroy the arms of Krivorukov, the more we can sell (or GIFT, as usual) these junkies to our Syrian and Libyan "brothers," and keep the cartoon ones for ourselves. Also businessss.

The author would at least a little delve into what he writes. How did the author determine that the planes were not detected? Well, they flew to Lebanon and that. This is when an interceptor flies over a neutral territory a plane flies towards him (as for example in relations between Russia and NATO), there is a lot of time. And then they flew close to the border, fired, 30 seconds to the flight target. The S-400 are generally on the sidelines, at our base. Were there s-300s in that area, probably only attorneys know this.

From Lebanon so as not to violate the Syrian border

And in scrap metal the MIRROR OF THE TRANSMITTING ANTENNA of the S-200 SAM. WHAT FOR ???

So useless that the attack was from Lebanon. “Almost destroyed”, well, this is a definite success. All you need to know about local authors.