PMC "Wagner" defeated the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Seversk direction

Ukrainian troops are retreating towards Seversk under the powerful onslaught of Wagner PMC.

After successfully taking control of Soledar and advancing to the north, it became known that units of the PMC "Wagner" defeated large forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, protecting the Seversky direction. This greatly simplifies the advancement of Russian forces in this direction and allows the assault on Seversk to begin in the coming weeks.

According to sources, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to put up serious resistance to the forces of the PMC "Wagner" in the Seversk direction, however, they quickly give up their positions, moving closer to Seversk itself, and intending to build a defense here. The situation for the Ukrainian army is seriously worsened by the fact that Russian troops are advancing in parallel from Kremennaya. This can lead to the encirclement of Seversk from two directions at once and will at the same time make it possible to encircle a number of important settlements, such as Serebryanka, Belogorovka, Controversial, etc., with the subsequent knocking out of Ukrainian troops from here.

Today, the positions of PMC "Wagner" are located at a distance of approximately 11 kilometers from the southern outskirts of Seversk, which makes it possible to organize a siege of this settlement even without the use of heavy weapons.


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