PMC "Wagner" managed to break through the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south of Artyomovsk

Units of PMC "Wagner" advancing from the south have almost reached the center of Artyomovsk.

Ukrainian units have almost completely lost the initiative in Artyomovsk (Bakhmut) and are currently defending only a small section of the front. As it became known, units of the Wagner PMC, advancing from the south, managed to reach Mariupolskaya Street, where fighting is currently underway to squeeze Ukrainian forces out of this area in order to take full control of the central part of the city.

Thanks to the intensive advance of the Wagner PMC forces, Russian troops can now cross Bakhmutka and level the front. In the south-west of the city, a huge cauldron has been formed, in a private building, which may well be blocked by Russian units - according to a number of estimates, there may be up to 3-4 thousand Ukrainian military personnel here.

Despite the announced strengthening of the defense of Artyomovsk and the sending of additional military equipment here, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are quickly losing the initiative in the city and it is more than likely that within the next month control over Artyomovsk may completely pass to the Russian military.


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