PMC "Wagner": Armed Forces of Ukraine are planning a large-scale attack on Donetsk

Ukraine has assembled an 80-strong strike force for a counterattack in the Donetsk direction.

Representatives of the private military company Wagner drew attention to the preparation of a strike by the Ukrainian army in the Donetsk direction. At the moment, it is known that here the Armed Forces of Ukraine have an army of 80 and have at their disposal about 280 tanks, more than 1000 armored vehicles, up to 300 artillery units, as well as 93 MLRS. The numbers are obviously approximate. However, such a grouping can quite deal a very serious blow when going on the offensive. In particular, according to structures close to PMCs, a 4 times smaller group took part in the attack in the Kherson direction last year - only about 19 thousand people.

Today, according to representatives of PMC "Wagner", the Armed Forces of Ukraine have quite large groupings in a number of other areas, including the Kherson region, Zaporozhye region, Kharkiv region, etc.

To date, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are actually located in the suburbs of Donetsk. In this regard, the attack may well be implemented, against which, according to the representatives of the Wagner PMC, it is necessary to provide for strengthening the defense of the city.


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