Rocket blast


CNBC: absolutely all tests of the Russian rocket 9М730 "Petrel" failed

The Russian Burevestnik rocket was a failed project without a hint of success.

The Russian Borevestnik hypersonic 9M730 cruise missile, which President Vladimir Putin spoke about relatively recently, turned out to be an absolutely disastrous project - out of five tests carried out, not one was successful.

According to the American publication CNBC, the maximum flight duration of a Russian cruise missile with a nuclear power plant, which, according to previously announced information, can be in flight for an unlimited time, was only 2 minutes, and the maximum flight range did not exceed 36 kilometers.

“The United States determined that the longest test flight lasted a little over two minutes, and the rocket flew 22 miles before it lost control and crashed. The shortest test lasted four seconds - the rocket flew five miles. The tests apparently showed that the nuclear-powered cruise missile reactor could not be started and therefore the weapons could not complete the long flight that Putin boasted. ”, - the message says "CNBC».

It is noteworthy that US intelligence claims that as a result of a mysterious explosion in Nyonoks it was the Petrel missile that was tested.