Boeing 737


CNN: Airlines boycott Boeing liners

In April, Boeing received no orders for its aircraft.

According to a CNN report, for the whole of April, no order for airplanes was received by Boeing. And this applies not only to 737 MAX. Applications for passenger liners from airlines have not been received at all.

Probably the reason for this situation is connected just with the model 737 MAX. The MCAS system at this aircraft, preventing stalling, sometimes worked falsely, due to which the airliner rushed to the ground. After the collapse of 737-th in Ethiopia, which became the second in six months, the flights of this aircraft were suspended worldwide. Now "Boeing" solves this problem. The fact that airlines do not want to deal with 737 MAX is understandable, however, other models produced by companies do not have such problems.

The crash of 737 MAX Ethiopian Airlines occurred on March 10th. Some airlines still made orders, however, on other aircraft. So on March 15, Lufthansa ordered twenty Boeing 787 Dreamliners. A week later, British Airways acquired eighteen 777Xs with folding wingtips.

According to analysts, airlines are not in a hurry to make orders for new aircraft in the hope that due to the 737 MAX situation, Boeing will lower the prices of airliners.