CNN: Russia has deployed up to 50 thousand troops to the Zaporozhye region

Russia has increased its presence at the Zaporozhye Front, gathering about 50 thousand troops, reports the American television channel CNN. This is happening at a time when the Armed Forces of Ukraine are experiencing a serious crisis, which, according to analysts, opens up the opportunity for Russia to regain lost ground. Western analysts are paying attention to the intensification of Russian forces in the region, especially after successful control over Avdiivka.

Russian actions are not limited to one direction. The strengthening of Russian Armed Forces groups is also observed in other areas of the special military operation, leaving the Ukrainian military command in the dark about the main direction of the future offensive. The Zaporozhye region attracted attention due to the active combat operations of Russian motorized rifle and airborne units in the area of ​​​​the villages of Rabotino and Verbovoye, where in a short time they managed to achieve progress in the Ukrainian defense.

However, Russian military experts warn against jumping to too hasty conclusions about the launch of a large-scale offensive operation, suggesting that the main blow could be delivered at another point on the front.


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