Wagnerians in Belarus


"CNN": a special operation of Ukraine with the arrest of 33 Russian mercenaries in Belarus was organized by the CIA

American media have disclosed details of a Ukrainian special operation to detain mercenaries of a Russian PMC in Belarus.

Almost a year and a half after the scandal with the detention on the territory of Belarus of 33 Russian citizens who are members of a private military company, the CNN TV channel revealed the first details of the organization of the Ukrainian special operation. As it became known, the provocation organized by the Ukrainian side on the territory of neighboring Belarus was organized by the CIA - the Ukrainian authorities received a very impressive sum for its implementation.

According to CNN, American intelligence provided Ukraine with all the necessary information, including those concerning the timing of the dispatch of Russian mercenaries to Belarus. As a result, for the Belarusian authorities, everything looked like a real attempt by PMC members to stage a coup, and given the scandalous situation with the presidential elections, the Belarusian special services did not double-check the information provided by Kiev and went straight to action.

It should be noted that after some time the citizens of Russia were released. The Belarusian side has not yet published the official data of the investigation, apparently fearing criticism from ordinary citizens, since immediately after the arrest of 33 Russians, the Belarusian special services and the leader of the country himself stated that they had irrefutable confirmation of the involvement of the detainees in the coup attempt.

Funny. "the leader of the country himself" was instructed by Pompeo and gladly fulfilled the role assigned to him. Until he realized that he could not escape The Hague anyway. That backtracked.