Coronavirus in Russia


COVID-19 in Russia: the number of deaths from coronavirus infection per day increased by 25%

In Russia, the number of victims of the coronavirus COVID-19 has increased.

Despite the urgent measures taken to contain a new type of coronavirus infection, it became known that mortality from the coronavirus COVID-19 has again increased. According to official sources, the number of deaths from coronavirus infection increased by 25%, reaching 4 confirmed cases.

“In Russia, another patient died with a positive test for the coronavirus COVID-19, said the operational headquarters to combat coronavirus. Earlier officially reported two dead in Moscow. An autopsy of another deceased patient with coronavirus revealed that the blood clot was the cause of death. “For five days, the patient was treated independently, without going to the doctors. On admission to one of the city hospitals, a 70-year-old patient was confirmed with bilateral pneumonia, ”a new victim of coronavirus was reported to Interfax. In addition, the woman suffered from diabetes for 20 years. She also had terminal renal failure and other diseases. ”- сообщает information publication "Kommersant".

According to official figures, the number of people infected in Russia increases by almost 200 people every day, however, the ratio of deaths to the number of infected people remains one of the lowest in the world - according to statistics, deaths occur in less than 0,38% of cases, while time. as mortality from the same flu is about 1%.

The most unfavorable situation with mortality from coronavirus is observed in Italy - the probability of dying from COVID-19 here is more than 10,5%.

I read comments, laugh and cry. I am one of those who first learned about this incident and everything that is written here is not true, expect official data and do not make rumors