Long-range aviation in the Russian Federation will receive a five year 2017 modernized aircraft

Long-range aviation will receive a five year 2017 modernized aircraft.

New aircraft will definitely increase Russia's defense capability, and it is important to note that last year, Russian Long-Range Aviation received two modernized Tu-160 bomber bomber and two Tu-95 missile-carriers, whose operational capabilities, thanks to the improvements made, increased significantly.

Whereas no official information at the disposal of the Information Agency Avia.pro, it is planned to transfer the long-range aviation of the Russian Federation three modernized Tu-95 and two improved missile Tu-160, moreover, it can happen even to the end of the third quarter.

The phrase "aircraft" in no way can not be applied to the aircraft. This is a purely civil ponyatie.Smeshno when correspondents, and even working in the field of aviation, called the formidable warship - ship. On these airplanes, even the position of the commander called the "captain".